Linda is an amazing individual and is pure unconditional love. She has held me in a safe strong loving space without judgment and that has helped me to start unfolding into my true self. This has allowed me to get closer to who I really am and to learn to love myself unconditionally, regardless of my external circumstances and that has been powerful. Working with Linda has brought me so many breakthroughs in such a short space of time. She has helped me to break the pattern of negative self-talk and I have been able to re-ignite the joy and playfulness in my art-making practice….. I am present to a deep love and appreciation for self.
– Indra, Japan

I was drawn to work with Linda as I saw and felt her approach with others, I felt her compassion, I saw that she cared and the magic effect of being listened to, of being acknowledged and the simplicity of her approach. I knew she knew how I felt, that she had been there too and was now out the other side, she get’s it, she gets how it feels and shows kindness and consideration to the parts of me that have felt wounded, yet she doesn’t buy into them being all that there is. She resonates hope, working with her has been soothing to the parts of me that I have neglected, or given a hard time, she knows that kindness and treating ourselves with love and tenderness matters and all we have is now.

I wanted to work along side someone who would walk with me, and offer their perspective rather than parent me or tell me what to do and Linda holds that steady balance; of allowing me the space to discover me, to voice my own feelings and find my own footing as I discover a relationship with myself where I trust my own instincts and make my own choices whilst encouraging me to make sure they are coming from my heart and truth. Yet she’s challenged and confronted me when needed, when I haven’t been my best, to point me back in the direction of accountability, a higher perspective, self love and consideration to others.

Working with Linda has given me more than I expected, sometimes its been really subtle but working with her I feel like I have become a woman, I have grown up and matured into the woman that was always there, a very capable and loving one, and every experience I have had has contributed to the woman that I am today. I’m re-claiming my value just as I am. That in itself is something that has had a life changing effect and touched me to my core.”
Claire Newman
Family Mentor and Life Coach, Tutor and Facilitator=
Linda Koen is the most compassionate, grounded, genuine and trustworthy mentor-counselor-healer-facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Words cannot express the gratitude, appreciation and love I feel for Linda; she has helped me heal my life in ways I never dreamed possible.

As a commercial attorney and partner in an AV Rated law firm, I often deal with people who are angry, confrontational and upset. Linda has shown me how to maintain clear and appropriate boundaries, be compassionate and not take things personally while negotiating settlements, managing my staff and marketing my company.

I used to be stressed, anxious and overwhelmed at work, and this manifested as personality conflicts and tension between various members of my staff. Now I feel calm and filled with a sense of wonder and joy, and my staff works more harmoniously together as a team with each person doing what needs to do be done. My firm is also more prosperous; money, clients and marketing opportunities are flowing to the firm where it used to feel like work was a struggle to ‘get ahead’. Also, I now delegate more, work less and have the time to enjoy many other interests.

I am forever grateful to Linda for opening a whole new way of being for me, not only as a professional and entrepreneur, but as a life coach, presenter, facilitator, artist, wife, mother and more. She has helped me to be my highest, clearest, brightest Self and to relax and appreciate the journey of life. I highly recommend Linda.
– Arlene Cohen Miller, J.D. Attorney – Partner, Miller & Cohen, P.C. Longmont, Colorado USA

Engaging with Linda as a holistic counsellor is a deeply rich, insightful, expansive and hope-filled experience. The presence she holds is the portal through which together long held deep wounds are acknowledge, felt, loved and healed into wholeness, where I am ok to be how I am in each moment, where boundaries are being strengthened, where out-dated family patterns and roles are lovingly being let go, where I am standing steadier within my own knowing and at the core a realignment to my true essence, as source, as spirit is underway. Linda has a unique way of keeping things real and grounded. With her own unique style of counselling, mixed with her willingness to share of her own experiences one is truly blessed by the opportunity she provides to courageously go deeper within, heal at the core and commence to live fully, passionately and in a way that is authentically yours to live.
– Lisbeth