Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling

Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling

Accredited with the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association, once successfully completed, this 11 month face to face learning experience will qualify you to become a member of the AHHCA Association and subsequently apply for insurance under the category of “Holistic Counselling”.

Holistic counselling is an approach which considers and takes into account all the elements and aspects of a person – body, mind, emotional and spirit. In counselling the therapist is the primary instrument of change and help to the client, therefore the self awareness of the therapist is integral. Considering the therapists’ role in facilitating change and working with others, it is important to begin with the therapist by getting to know who we are first and to resolve and clear anything that interferes with our capacity to hold an empathetic space from a place of authenticity and with unconditional positive regard for the client. When a therapist has developed self awareness they understand how they impact on their clients.

Delivering the course with face to face group work is not only a point of difference with this Diploma of transformational holistic counselling, it is essential to the integration and actualisation of holistic concepts, learnings and practices. The course material and its delivery is holistic in nature embodying a triune approach.

The three over arching concepts are:
Personal integration and self mastery
Personal leadership
Communication and holistic counselling, facilitating transformational processes on self and other.

Within this triune we also look at:
1. Soft skills of emotional intelligence and self mastery
2. Soft skills required to manage and lead self and others, to inspire and motivate
3. Operational skills including risk mitigation along with the ability to deeply listen and respond appropriately.

More detail:
Personal integration and self mastery – is more than simply a module within a course, it is a way of being, of personal accountability and being one’s best integrated self in all aspects of life. Practices are established that are applied throughout the entire course and participants are held accountable to their own life ‘map’ which includes the setting and achieving of goals in order to accomplish self mastery in a number of areas. Through in class participation and engagement in activities, habits, attitudes and healing, progress is measured through behaviour change. Participants are required to monitor and review each and every day in order to build upon previously achieved states of mastery and competence of initiating change – proof of journals and logs contribute towards assessment hours.

Personal leadership – awareness is a vital key in moving forward in the self leadership process. It is difficult to be in leadership without engaging in self-awareness. If not consciously self aware then it is likely that one is acting out of ‘stuff’ – personal issues, triggers, unconscious patterns and programs. Behaviours such as transmitting, projecting, being passive aggressive, not listening, making it about self and repeating unhelpful patterns and situations in life. One cannot be in empathy with another when not in empathy with one’s true self – not just one’s ‘stuff’. This modality is about wanting to know the truth without taking anything personally and covers the implementation of knowledge, skills and strategies to foster professional and personal leadership. It includes the provision for the development of strategies for attracting and promoting values and principles of practice that support personal wellbeing and professional practice.

Communication / Counselling / Facilitating transformational process on others – Knowing thyself and the application of self accountability underpin this modality. We focus on developing and keeping levels of self-awareness, acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses, uncovering our judgments and biases, exploring our triggers and how to maintain our centred composure while resolving our issues as they arise. All personality and developmental theories studied will be applied to the self in order to acknowledge and process anything which remains unresolved within, deepening our sense of congruence in order to hold space for and be in empathy with clients experiencing similar developmental delays. The concepts, theory, knowledge and attitude for effective communication and
counselling skills will be introduced as the learners commence their projects and allocated tasks. The theory of this part of the course will underpin and support the practical counselling skills as the learners move through their assessment tasks, developing the communication and management skills required to be an effective self leader, counsellor and facilitator of change.

Course Details: 11 month course with 320 hours of face to face contact, running each Friday 9.30am – 5pm during Western Australian school terms. Timetable provided with successful application.

Start Date: (Two day intensive) Friday / Sat 2nd & 3rd February 2018

Cost: $7500.00 in total. $800.00 deposit. Monthly payment plan available.

Application: All applications will be received on an individual basis.

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