Course Overview

Course Overview

Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling Course  

What makes this course unique…….

The Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling is a self-reflective and interactive learning experience that will facilitate you to establish a strong relationship with the healer and creative force within; the wise, loving and unique aspect of greater spirit that you are. In doing so, it will allow you to become a healing force and instrument of change in your own life and in the lives of others.

As you undertake this journey within to become more self-aware, self-loving, authentic and in self-mastery, so do you take a journey outward, extending yourself towards others from this space. Through the medium of counselling, using skills such as deep listening and reflecting, you learn to create a space of communication that is non-invasive, without judgment, deeply aware and full of potential to promote change and transformation at the right pace for the other person.

As you practice and hone these skills you come to understand and see even more of where you may be trying to ‘fix’ or ‘save’ or have a desire to influence in some way. As you bring deep acceptance and healing to these parts within yourself, so will you have less attachment to change the other person, and in doing so, you can hold a clearer space for them to gain self-understanding and heal and release their limitation. In this way, the process can become a holistic feedback loop to continue to take you towards greater levels of clarity, stillness and deep acceptance for self and other.

What is holistic counselling?
Holistic counselling holds a lens on the whole person, seeing body, mind, emotions and spirit as inseparable and intricately linked.

Recognised person-centered counselling practices are used and you, as the instrument of change in the healing relationship, fully show up as your authentic, spirit connected self. This, in turn, allows your client to open up to more of themselves through gaining new perspectives and an ability to integrate and create more flow within their thoughts, emotions, physicality and higher impulse working together to create more harmony within.

What will this qualification give me?
Accredited with the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association, this 11-month face-to-face learning experience will qualify you to become a member of the AHHCA Association and subsequently apply for professional indemnity insurance under the category of “Holistic Counselling” which enables you to practice.

We see this course as being an enlightening foundation stone in your journey towards becoming an integrated professional. It can be added on to pre-existing qualifications, or can be your starting place as a practitioner, leading to further study in counselling, psychology or any counselling related modality.
Alternatively, it could just be a means to create a deeper and more satisfying relationship with yourself and with others in your life.

How is the course delivered and how much time will I have to commit?
This is an 11-month course of 500 study hours; comprised of 320 hours of face-to-face contact, and 180 hours committed to home study, self-reflective practices and practice sessions.
The majority of the assignments are self-reflective in nature and you will be asked to post at least 4 forum posts per term relating to the study topics. Readings are assigned weekly and the course website also contains a variety of resources for you to explore. You are encouraged to discover/find out more about your unique areas of interest.
The course includes a large component of practice counselling sessions, integrating the counselling micro-skills in a layered approach and culminating in an assessed face-to-face session. This learning will take place in a safe, supportive and exploratory environment.

Start date and term times
The year starts with a two-day intensive orientation in the first week of February 2021 and continues one day per week during school term times. (Specific class days will be made available upon enrolment)

Perth intake: Face-to-face classes in Perth run each Friday 9.30 am to 5.00 pm during Western Australian school terms. Timetable will be provided with successful application.

Blue Mountains intake: Same time commitment – Thursdays in Woodford. Timetable will be provided with successful application.

Cost: $7500.00 in total ($800.00 non refundable enrolment fee). Paid in monthly instalments via direct debit.

Course structure and overview of topics
The course is structured into 4 main themes:

1. Awareness (Personal integration and self mastery)
2. Self leadership and management of self
3. Communication and holistic counselling.
4. Facilitation of a transformational process on other (corrective emotional experience)

Awareness (Personal integration and self-mastery)
As the primary instrument of change within the therapeutic setting, you as the counselling trainee must become aware of the energetic interplay which exists within yourself and in interactions with others in all moments.  To become aware is where you begin this self-transformational journey.

In a holistic approach, there is much to become aware of. We are complex beings, existing within multiple dimensions; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A unique aspect of this course is a primary focus to support you to ‘know thyself’ as an aspect of spirit experiencing life on Earth in physical form.  Initially you become aware of your own self and the way you relate, respond and react to the many aspects within. As more clarity and insight emerges, so increases the potential for self-healing and change.

Due to the deeply self-reflective nature of this material, awareness is an initial focus in Module One yet remains relevant throughout the course. This will be reinforced through your journaling, forum posts, and self-reflective assignments as well as class discussion.

Self-leadership and management of self
While nothing can be changed or healed without our first becoming aware that it exists, awareness in and of itself does not produce transformation. In Module Two you are introduced to self-leadership; embracing and integrating more of the true, authentic self and becoming more self-accountable. Within yourself you will learn to manage and transform the faulty mechanisms, dysfunctions, fears, illusions and judgments that have been highlighted through your growing awareness, while on an outer level, you create realistic and self-supporting goals and take steady steps towards achieving them.

As you gain more understanding of the quality of relationship you have with yourself, you begin to realise how this relationship affects all other relationships in your personal and professional sphere. With self-leadership, you can bring the best version of yourself and respond to both yourself and others in emotional intelligence, wisdom, love, humility and respect. This ensures that respectful and quality interactions occur; particularly important when the work may involve interactions with emotionally vulnerable people.

As the course helps you explore and acknowledge the complexity of this human journey, you will more clearly perceive the potential chaos and/or self-limitation that can result from a lack of integration within and between the body, mind and spirit aspects. Self-determined focus and choice are then required in order to transform those aspects which no longer serve who you are becoming. You will learn a transformation process that will assist you to access and fully allow the stuck and limited parts of self and bring them to a state of harmony. This alchemical process when fully integrated over time, allows you to continually be meeting life with equanimity and using every experience to grow and raise your spiritual mastery. In-session practice with your classmates will also assist you to begin working with this process.

In addition, tools will be shared that will enable you to become the master of your own energy system, even when dealing with others who may be irrational or emotionally charged. You will learn how to hold strong energetic boundaries whilst remaining authentic, empathetic and in a space of unconditional positive regard; skills that are crucial in creating a steady, therapeutic environment.

Counselling and Communication
The therapeutic relationship comes into focus in the third part of the course. This is a more skills based module where you will practice maintaining an open, aware therapeutic space, while learning how to deal with any of your own issues that could be impacting or limiting the space.

Counselling skills are introduced and integrated in order to facilitate active and accurate listening whilst holding a deeply authentic and empathic space. You explore the ways that non-verbal messages can be communicated and practice techniques to help the client to feel heard and understood without judgment and, therefore, safer to open to deeper self-exploration. Understanding the appropriate and inappropriate use of questioning is part of this.

As the concepts, theories, knowledge and attitude for effective communication and counselling skills are introduced, you will work through projects and allocated tasks which will underpin and support the practical counselling skills. Difficult subjects such as suicide, death and grief are covered and you are given the opportunity to acknowledge and accept any feelings which may present for you in a counselling situation, whilst holding space for very deep, painful feelings in the other person. This becomes an invaluable skill in all communications.

Facilitation of transformational process on other (corrective emotional experience)
As you near the final stage of the course, you will have opportunity to stop and review just how far you have advanced in your awareness, your self-mastery and in your ability to engage in life in a way that brings out the best in you and the situations you are involved with. You will see how the quality and depth of your communication has changed in response to this greater awareness and emotional maturity.

As you have learnt to facilitate a transformational process on yourself to heal, harmonise and release limitation, you will be able to bring this and apply it to others in a therapeutic setting.

We explore the field of psychology where research indicates that clients heal unresolved pain from earlier life experiences by feeling the feelings and reframing the meaning that was placed on the experience by way of a corrective emotional experience. We look at studies showing how clients unlock that which has been suppressed, repressed, judged and energetically frozen in their psyche, so that the energy can flow and therefore be available in the present for healing and actualising.  We also look at some examples of where corrective emotional experiences can assist to heal and restore a client’s self-esteem  in releasing shame and reclaiming worthiness, releasing helplessness and reclaiming personal power and releasing misidentification and reclaiming authentic self.

The final weeks involve further honing of the skills you have acquired and developed, in order to bring your authentic presence and assist in a corrective emotional experience within your client through application of the transformational process you have learnt to master. We review the importance of integrating and consolidating the deeply introspective processes as part of your ongoing psychological health, refining your personal leadership skills, self mastery and emotionally intelligent communication with numerous practical exercises and role-playing scenarios.

For further information contact Linda Koen via email on (Perth) or Claudia Vayda on (Blue Mountains).
Online enquiries can be made by visiting the website where further information can be found about this course and other training opportunities.
All applications will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Ongoing professional development
Once you have completed your Diploma in Transformational Holistic Counselling, there will be further opportunities to work with Source Centre Training for your ongoing professional support and development. Please enquire for details on this.