Knowing Self – The Real You

Knowing Self – The Real You

The integration of knowing self (the real you) cannot come from a place of mental knowledge, it is through inner experience and the daily application of refinement that we can truly know self. By knowing what is supporting the process of knowing your real self and doing more of that and putting aside those activities, beliefs, limitations and fear that are not responding to the stirring of your heart.

Remember the desire for understanding, wisdom, love and humility and how you can bring all of yourself into your service work can only come from the heart, it is your authentic self within that learns and grows from the challenges in your life.

The real or authentic self realizes it has the choice of wisdom or survival, the more wisdom is chosen, the more light shines to light the path. We are all treading the path of life – the question is do we remember this in the challenging moments?

We are all learning and growing, we are taking life in and turning it into something – the choice is love or fear. Do we say thank you for the lesson and open our hearts to receive the gifts of the lesson? Or do we say “this isn’t what I want or asked for” and reject it. If you’ve ever done this you’ll notice that at some point when the same lesson (perhaps dressed up different) kept appearing for you to deal with / to learn from / to integrate and be grateful for. It is the real I, the light, the eternal and authentic self, the core, the essence, the heart that these lessons are for.

Remember we are wearing a body and emotions – passion, desires and the mind are transient – they will die in the end, they are a ‘one lifetime use’. It is the real you that is eternal, that will continue on, in another space, in another moment.    To have the eyes to see through the way life presents the lesson and not get pre-occupied with the way it presents, and to open the heart and go directly to the opportunity that awaits. There will always be a gem disguised in hurt, pain and upset – if we see with the eyes of the heart and are open to expanding our hearts we will find it and our hearts will expand as a result.
If we choose to follow the path of the Authentic Self we sacrifice the desires and temptations of the lower self in order to choose wisdom and love (mothers in particular understand this when you give up your desire to sleep in order to nurse your newborn. It helps to remember the path is no harder for one than it is for another – we have different things to learn and heal and integrate so judge not the lessons of others (or your lessons either) for judgment energy does not contribute to growth and healing.

By meditating on Father Source, Mother Source and you as the child of Source. (Or God/Christ and the Holy Spirit), the holy trinity, whatever works for your beliefs. See yourself this way, establishing this connection with yourself and then each day deepening this connection with the child, with the source of all life. Puts you in the heart where you belong, who you truly are.
You have been gifted free will – a most precious gift, you have the ability to discern between positive and negative and this process leads you to see your reflection clearly.

The Soul has many layers, some are thick and dark of human weakness, self deception, self imposed limit and survival concepts, all these layers must be shed until the soul stands naked before its reflection. This takes great courage and a willingness to search for and be open to the truth. Once the truth has been seen and felt – life must become a demonstration of truth and authenticity of soul.

It is the effort of the soul (not mental thought) that initially drives you forward. Accepting that karma is simply unlearned lessons, the result of choices and consequences – not to be feared or avoided. Face these lessons, be grateful for them, really integrate the learning by being in acceptance of the opportunity. Rather than simply something to be endured or having the attitude of ‘getting through it’. The lessons are for the authentic you – so be sure that your personality or humanness doesn’t attempt to discern what to keep and what to reject – always the authentic self.

Letting go of the stories and the hurt, taking only the feelings without judgment into your core, allowing yourself to be changed by your experiences, bringing more of who you truly are and responding with wisdom and love to more and more situations.

In order to know yourself at your core of authenticity, there are some activities which you currently engage in which if you are completely open and honest with yourself you would acknowledge are not supportive of you being at cause, being real and authentic as a state of being in love and wisdom.
Firstly you must put your mind in order, don’t let it think whatever it wants (thought energy is a creative force) train it to work clearly and dispassionately and establish a true perspective on life. Clear out all the rubbish, the inhibitions, fears, false values, faulty beliefs, uncertainties, indecision, fussiness, restlessness, worry, noise, urgency, anger, fear and envy – these poison the system and eat away the vitality of body and mind. Eliminate all poisonous activities – doubt destroys hope, it is impossible to be in absolute faith and hope when one engages in fear and worry.

Some questions to ask yourself regularly:

  • What are your ideals? In what do you really believe?
  • What is your ambition in life – why?
  • Are you prepared to face the truth about self and make a change?
  • What are your faults? What are your talents? What are you doing about them?
  • What are the things that affect and worry you? How important are they?
  • Where are you not prepared to go emotionally?
  • Where do you feel unprepared to go emotionally?

To attain complete balance – self study/introspection/awareness is necessary – ideally at the beginning and the end of the day.

Some of the issues to be healed in the physical:
Diet, self love, addictions/ eating disorders, chakras, health/disease, knowing you have a body yet are not your body. Your body is a vehicle that houses spirit and is worthy and deserving of being loved and cared for.

Emotional Level
Self esteem, self acceptance, grief/loss, inner child, love, intimacy/glamour

Mental Level
Balance thinking and feeling, stilling the mind, disciplining the mind, habits of excellence, truth/illusion.
The goal of life is experience not happiness – ponder on that!

Contentment comes from purposeful existence and satisfaction from wise achievement.

Remember the best things in life are not things!

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