A Sharing of Hope – My Experience

A Sharing of Hope – My Experience

In moments of darkness, being so deep inside where the light is not visible – soul searching. This journey of integrated self-mastery is not one for the feint hearted, so often it takes all I’ve got and sometimes a little more. With hope that there is a way, that I can find it and live it and bring to an end all self-imposed limit and condition and live authentically is what has breathed life into many of my moments.

Hope was all I had in moments to continue unfolding this processes I’d set in motion. Living was being confronted with all that I was and all that I wasn’t and all the spaces in-between and what that looked like and felt like. Through the process of feeling without judgment, acknowledging, releasing and re-choosing – hope was a theme, as was wholeness.

That became the purpose, to live in wholeness and let go of all that was not and to embrace that which was. I hoped I was in my heart when I asked for this process to unfold. (if not I was a complete nutter!)

One thing I hoped a lot was that I had it in me what was required to end the ways that weren’t of love and to live a life of being love. To let go. To know what the truth was and to have the courage to only accept the truth and say ‘no thank you’ to what was less than truth.

I hoped I would recognize love and the truth when I saw and felt it – that something deep inside me would know, I had to go that deep because all the layers of untruth and believing I was less than were stacked over the top.

It’s not always dark and heavy – sometimes if we’ve put stuff off for a while it will build up (I hope this goes away – doesn’t work!)

I feel grateful to have hope, I have hoped some sweet moments would go on a long time too. It’s something I know now, that hope is real. I hold it for myself, for those I love and care for and everyone treading their path, that they find hope within to do what needs to be done, to release what needs to be released and to love what needs to be loved.

It is my hope you have hope in your life.


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